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Monday, 8 October 2012

Reality Bites

Reality Bites

How do the Experts determine the safety of your mobile phone?

SAR (radiation) is measured on a phantom head. The plastic head is filled with water to
represent the human brain. They view this as a worst case scenario, a whole head full
of liquid.

They are looking at this as the more water, the more radiation and therefore even if your brain
was completely full of water, it still would not exceed the limits of radiation according to their computer measurements.

However, what they are not measuring or even contemplating is the effect of the signal, i.e.
the kinetic energy of the pulses. All mobile phones emit pulses of microwave
power (energy), which can be thought of like the power of a gale-force wind firing in tiny bursts.

The effect of this energy pulse works in exact opposite of the measurement calculations above.
According to the plastic vox model, (full of water), the dynamic power of the signal would be like a drop in the ocean, it will be much diluted, but to a human brain with small passages of liquid,
it will have a greater impact. It stands to reason – take a straw and blow through it, try to move
a gallon of water and you will make a small surface wave, but on a trickle of liquid (like that found in your brain) you can blow the water until it runs dry. We are looking at a huge beam of energy pulse on a tiny vessel/ tiny amount of liquid through the cranium or through other passages in our bodies as opposed to a head size full of water. It stands to reason that the LESS water/liquid, the
greater the impact.

Q. How much more impact will this have than the original/ current SAR model?

A. 99.999% in other words, the exact opposite.

If you compare a head full with the most liquid possible...now think of a human
brain with the least liquid and that is what is the calculation should be using as a model.
As a recent report stated, the current method of calculation will not cover 99% of the population.

Reality really does bite.

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