Urgent Need for Biologically-based EMF Public Exposure Standards

Sunday, 7 October 2012

How do we measure torture?

When most people think about the word torture, they might imagine a scene of a prison cell, probably set in a fictional past, with a man, possibly hooded, strung up in chains which are attached to a stone wall.  In essence, we think of torture as a work of fiction, something occurring to the outer body, and something happening in the past and...definitely....over there - in another country, another place.  Somewhere distant from ourselves.  If you have kept up with the latest revelations on torture you will have heard of waterboarding, oh but wait a minute, this interrogation technically isn't classified as torture, or is it?...it makes a person experience a drowning sensation, gasping for air, oxygen deprived, suffocating...but if it doesn't pertain to the classical model we have of torture, then we don't have to classify it as such, do we?

So it seems despite the world becoming more sophisticated and torture becoming more sadistic and mentally/spiritually torturous we can dismiss any inflictions with a clever re-arrangement of definition.  As long as we can apply rhetoric, we can negate anything.  So how about this....imagine your heart being artificially manipulated, cranked up, forced to beat faster than it should naturally beat.  Imagine the quiet journey of your blood, the fluids through your body, which you aren't normally aware of, being ramped up to a fast RUSH.  Your neurons firing at a faster pace than you know to be your natural workings, so much that you see flashes of light.  Your body trembles, you are agitated, every cell is in fast motion.  In fact, imagine your whole system being turned up on a dial to a manic rate so that you are on fast speed, out of your control.  So that you feel like your whole body and brain is like having a pneumatic drill through it and every cell is shaking at an atomic level.  If that was happening to you at the turn of a switch, or a button, wouldn't you consider that to be torture?  Well it is......and Electrosensitives live out this torture every day with their systems being ramped up beyond its natural level from microwave gadgets in our environment.  Pulsed microwaves are bio-active.  They disrupt the integrity of the cell membrane, interrupt at gap junctions of chemical/electrical pathways, switch on/off ion gate channels, disrupt the heart beat.

Perhaps we have lower blood pressure, quieter (lower voltage) hearts, slower rhythms, we all have different rates, but that doesn't mean our automatic systems shouldn't be entitled to determine its own pace, to work at our bodies' natural rhythms.  Please support our right for our brain and body to operate at its natural pace and not the pace of artificial technology pounding at us from the environment (when an exterior signal is stronger than the bodies own signals, it will overtake & dominate that signal by the law of Superposition).  It's Torture being an Electrosensitive.  Your signature could make a difference to our world.  Thank you.

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